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iConsulting Group Inc., A HUB Zone Company
iConsulting Group Inc., A HUB Zone Company iConsulting Group Inc., A HUB Zone Company
iConsulting Group Inc., A HUB Zone Company

iConsulting Group Corporate OverviewICG is composed of a diverse team that is drawn from a broad range of educational and professional backgrounds: bringing together a talented skill set with a dynamic fresh approach to delivering our solutions and services. The ICG team is an experienced group than can be trusted to deliver a wide range of technical solutions. The majority of ICG employees are fully cleared. ICG believes in providing our employees a benefits plan that is superior to others in the industry.

iConsulting GroupICG delivers a broad array of information technology and technical services solutions to U.S. federal government customers, focusing primarily on critical national defense programs for the intelligence community, and Department of Defense. We design, develop, procure, implement, operate, test and maintain mission-critical, enterprise information technology and communication systems and infrastructures for our federal government customers in the United States and worldwide. Given the critical nature of many of our services and our close relationships with our customers, we are often called upon to support our customers as they respond to crisis situations and front-line deployments around the world.

Our corporate philosophy provides the guiding principles for every business unit under the ICG umbrella. It is as follows:
  • Every customer deserves high-quality products and services, delivered on time and within budget
  • Every employee deserves the opportunity for personal and professional development
  • Every individual associated with ICG is expected to perform with the highest degree of professionalism and ethics
iConsulting GroupTake a close look at ICG. You'll find a team of dedicated people with diverse areas of expertise, all working together to help customers manage existing and emerging technologies for a changing world. As ICG has evolved and broadened its list of clients, the company has maintained its commitment to unwavering quality support. It's not just a policy. It is the groundwork on which the company was built. We can't wait to see what the future will bring.

ICG, Inc. is a certified HubZone company, headquartered in Berlin, Maryland.
iConsulting Group Inc., A HUB Zone Company
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iConsulting Group, Inc. is a HUBZone Company