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iConsulting Group Inc., A HUB Zone Company
iConsulting Group Inc., A HUB Zone Company iConsulting Group Inc., A HUB Zone Company
iConsulting Group Inc., A HUB Zone Company

A database is an information set with a regular structure. Its front-end allows data access, searching and sorting routines. Its back-end affords data inputting and updating. A database is usually but not necessarily stored in some machine-readable format accessed by a computer. There are a wide variety of databases, from simple tables stored in a single file to very large databases with many millions of records, stored in rooms full of disk drives or other peripheral electronic storage devices.

Database Solutions from iConsulting Group Inc.The most useful way of classifying databases is by the programming model associated with the database. Several models have been in wide use for some time. Historically, the hierarchical model was implemented first, then the network model, then the relational model overcame with the so-called flat model accompanying it for low-end usage. The first two and the last one were never theoretized and were deemed as data models only as a contrast to the relational model, not having conceptual underpinnings of their own; they have arisen simply out of the realization of physical constraints and programming, not data, models.

Databases are used in many applications, spanning virtually the entire range of computer software. Databases are the preferred method of storage for large multiuser applications, where coordination between many users is needed. Even individual users find them convenient, though, and many electronic mail programs and personal organizers are based on standard database technology.
ICG is a provider of expert database solutions including (but not limited to the following:

  • Oracle Designer and Developer (Forms and Reports)
  • Database Stored Enterprise Java Beans, Java Stored Procedures and Oracle PL/SQL
  • Database Interfaces (ODBC, JDBC, Perl DBI/DBD)
  • Multi-tier Web Applications (Oracle Application Server, Web Logic, Apache)
  • Open Insight
  • VLDB Setup and Tuning
  • Database Row Level Security
  • Database Replication

iConsulting Group Inc., A HUB Zone Company
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